We are from

we are from California
we are from California

and we plan
to stay here...

About California

Another thing we like about California is that we easily made a few friends like Jasmine and Steve. For whom we are thankful to meet. They are joyful, young and full of life. They came through every time we needed their help to care for our sweet dog, Zaida, and home in our absence.

We trust them and easily sleep tight at night knowing that they have our home keys. Sam and Lauren are a very cute and fun couple to hang out with. We met them at their coffeeshop, Voyager Craft Coffee. It is always a bless to have them over our home.

Souhail gets to cook Moroccan couscous of course, and then we play music together. We actually often invite people over, cook for them, play games, play music, or just chitchat. We appreciate that Lauren and Sam built up the courage to play a duo on our drums set. California is also a great motivation for our friends from all over to visit us: Zain and Dobre from Illinois, Redouan and Lisa from Connecticut, Federico from New York, Moade and Hasna from Morocco. And many friends that we plan to make on our travels.

About Us

About Robin by Souhail

The thing I love most about Robin is her positivity. Robin is an amazing partner. Being best friends for one another, Robin is practically my mentor in everything I do. Our trust in one another and endorsement of each other's successes make us great partners in life.

About Souhail by Robin

To me, Souhail is my best friend and love forever! Souhail is playful and fun. His caring,creative and loving nature will make him an amazing Dad. I can’t wait to see him holding, caring for children through their whole lives.

Robin's favorite things

jazz, classical, funk,
cheesy Christmas music!

Despicable Me,
Guardians of the Galaxy.

l've always wanted to go to Mongolia!

I love horses, dogs, cats.


Souhail’s favorite things

Jazz, traditional Moroccan music, reggae/ska.

Kung Fu Panda, Jackie Chan movies!

The next place I want to visit is Turkey.


Robin's job

Robin is a Senior Director of Engineering. She's a self-taught programmer, who's succeeded in a male-dominated industry. She loves when she sees others succeed. Her main job is to help 100s of engineers achieve their goals and grow their careers.


Souhail’s job

Souhail runs his own business that involves technology and art. He works with people all over the world including professional artists, programmers and designers. When he's not working, he loves to help people in Morocco and the US with charity and guidance.


About Us
  1. We are financially and geopraphically stable

  2. We play musical instruments at home including piano, violin, guitar, drums, trumpet

  3. As children, Souhail and I may not have known each other but we wanted to adopt

  4. Souhail is a creative writer

  5. Robin is the planner

  1. We are loving and fun

  2. We are here for each other and the baby no matter what the circumstance

  3. We are creative but not competitive

  4. We want to help you through this journey

  5. We will create a loving caring environment where the baby can learn

How did
we meet

One sunny, warm August day, Robin and a friend decided to head to Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL. As it turns out, Souhail and his friend planned the same adventure. At the lake, we were separately hanging out on this tiered rock wall area. Robin had already been swimming in the lake. Souhail stepped up to the water and dipped his toes in, then shivered. He had a big head of hair that shook each time Souhail tested the water. Robin laughed at Souhail, then he turned to the two women and said “I dare you to jump in the water. If you jump in, then my friend and I will too.” Of course, we jumped right in as the water was cool but warm enough to swim in. We hung out for a while, then Robin noticed Souhail’s lips were turning blue. She jumped into action. “Okay, it’s time for you to get out of the water.”

We all laughed and had fun. We shared the ride home and while listening to Robin’s favorite playlist, Souhail mentioned he liked the same band.

I think we already knew there was something special between us, but you know how it goes. We both tried to “play it cool!” Two weeks later, we went to the Greenmill, an amazing jazz club in Chicago and had a blast listening to swing jazz. We walked for hours after the band finished just talking about the world, what we liked, what we wished was better! Our next date, Souhail cooked an amazing meal and to be respectful instead of inviting me to his place, he suggested a picnic. His Moroccan background means everything was absolutely delicious. His mom taught him everything he knows about cooking. He picked up the guitar after we ate, singing songs in French and English. Robin was hooked after that!

Let's Connect

Thank you for getting the time to get to know us.

We would love the opportunity to connect with you and help each other afford our child the best life they should have. If you want to talk more regarding the adoption process or have any questions for us, please contact our caseworker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999, or reach out directly via the next form.

No matter what you choose, we hope for peace and happiness for you. We have you in our hearts and minds! Should you choose us, we promise ourselves to make learning and exploring the world top priorities for our family. Knowledge is a right not a privilege, and being enlightened is the true essence of freedom and accomplishment.

Traveling is a joy, a holiday and it's a human right. Our pet reminds us to have fun and walk frequently. Music teaches us coordination and listening to one another. Shopping is an exercise for those who don't feel like working out with the bonus of new cool outfits!


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